halloween 2013 (yes, on january 2nd 2014)

I told you guys I was really behind in my personal pictures, but I did manage to get at least these edited. And by the way, happy New Year! (and happy halloween!) Pictures from trick or treating and Timmy’s school parade (with lots of bsquared clients and friends featured too!)

The nose boo-boo just makes him all the cuter. To me, anyway. Some friends & clients up at the school parade. They’ve had their pictures taken with me for so long now, they just stop, smile and pose before moving on in the parade. Love them!!!Timmy and Jack. Timmy sporting the real Mike Trout hat. The most adorable little orphan annie ever.Me, very happy to be around zombies. Its as close to the walking dead as I’m probably getting. Oh, and I’m wearing my costume. Someone that likes baseball (red sox shirt). 

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