wyatt (the dog)

After photographing an event, made a quick visit to my cousin Susan’s house to finally meet her gorgeous golden, Wyatt. He looks like a big cuddly bear, and kinda acts like a teddy bear. He’s been doing some dog shows with some successes (well, yeah cause he’s gorgeous!) and just turned a year old. Since it is now confirmed that Timmy is allergic to all dogs (adults, hypo allergenic, non -shedding, any kind) at least I have another one to visit on my rounds when I get the urge.

Wyatt w his mommy, Susan. He looks like a bear, right?

With his big brother who has survived cancer and is a big old mush with a sweet face. So happy I’m posting something other than pictures of Timmy or basketball? Well, not to worry. Those posts resume tomorrow. 

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