going bald for st. baldrick’s

Another year, another bunch of awesome volunteers getting their heads shaved while raising money for kids cancer research. I’m always happy to volunteer my time and take some photos during this extremely wonderful event- especially this year with a friend’s son fighting the battle (and his dad getting shaved) and a message from the founder of St Baldrick’s specifically asking me to come.  So check out this year’s baldies and heroes!

Dougie who is aforementioned friend’s son- he’s doing awesome and is looking great. And now he and his dad have matching heads.

I think he may have been having a little too much fun!Happy momma. And not a dry eye in the house. You Go Dougie! Some brave souls with bald heads.One of Timmy’s teammates from baseball, Jack.Another friend/client’s sons. The little one had the best expressions!Mom checking out her brave boys. This guy had a LOT of hair to shave. Wish I was closer for this shot, this kid was awesome!And as soon as this lady sat down, I said to someone next to me, she is going to ROCK the shaved head. And she sure did. More friends boys and families.And the one who started it all. John Bender (and his daughter helping out!)His other daughter and her long hair she was brave enough to donate. (you can see her ponytail in her hand on her lap).His son who had a whole lot of hair to take down.  The end result.His wife who helps coordinate and runs the whole event and does an amazing job!The whole family! 


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