maeve’s christening

This family came to me thru a referral from a photografriend Jaye of The Life In Your Years photography, and I was so thrilled to be able to take pictures for them (thanks Jaye!!). The family is actually from Texas, but mom grew up in Westchester and they always come “home” to christen their babies. I had a great time with them for the day- I loved that mom was interested in candids and moments- right up my alley. Baby Maeve was beautiful, a total gerber baby and really hung in there before going down for a much needed nap after church.

The priest was the pied piper of babies. Had little Maeve entranced the entire time.My favorite picture of the day. See…entranced. Maeve’s big sister Agnes looking on. There is a BIG story behind that little bunny named TeTe. Its going viral. TeTe went missing in the DFW airport on their way home and poor Agnes cries for him every night and so far he’s nowhere to be found. Her parents are offering a reward for anyone who finds TeTe and returns him. You can find the link to the story hereNannie just turned 90 a week before- doesn’t she look amazing?!And back to mom’s parents house for a little party.Giving me her best dinosaur. On the right, she was singing “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs, with all the movements and everything. So adorable and spot on!Dying of this one, especially the hair!
Best friends!A little ring around the rosy to end the day. Something kinda magical about little girls and holding hands. 

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