timmy’s little league season- part 1

Or maybe this is part 2. Like I can remember? Just go with it. A bunch of pictures from a few different games over the spring little league season of Timmy and some of his friends & teammates. More to come later this week- I’m editing in bits and pieces. By the way, the season is actually over. Timmy’s team made it  to the playoff championship game this past weekend (Timmy couldn’t play as he’s still on restricted activity after his appendectomy) which was a big to-do, but unfortunately they didn’t win. There’s always next year…

Timmy pitching.

And hitting. With his dad/coach in the background. On base.Tommy N concentrating hard on his next pitch.Chris B.Tommy M.Jack L. pitching.And Jack L. hitting.Thomas M.And James.(Freckles are the best.)

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