rachel’s prom

Ok, so its not the actual prom, but the pre prom party at Rachel’s house. Rachel is my “niece” (the quotes because we are not actually technically related), I’ve known her since before she was born. She was my first baby girl and I had soooo much fun shopping for her- all pink hearts and frilly stuff. So you could imagine that I was welling up a little behind the camera while taking these. Feels like just a few months ago (it was actually 3 years ago!) that I was photographing her brother Adam’s pre-prom party and crying a little then too. But since she’s been hocking me to freaking death for her pictures (see, she takes after her very impatient Aunt Beth), I figured I’d go ahead and get them done so I don’t get any more daily texts.

You may remember Rachel from her senior session with me. Still gorgeous. And off to University of Tampa in just a few weeks for her freshman year!

She is a barbie doll. Dad’s reaction to seeing her in her dress the first time was priceless.With her mom (my BFF Heidi).Little sister Erica (3 years till I’m doing this again for her!) and puppy Reef.Nanny and Poppy.Aunt Elizabeth who I also adore. Another great reaction shot!Rachel’s date and boyfriend, Chris. Ahhhh, my girl makes me sooooo proud. She takes after me so much! (I told ya if you did it, I was posting it!)And they’re off…(They had a great time at the prom, I’m told). Hope you love them Rachel! Now stop bugging me.

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