the 1st day of school

And just like that, summer is over. So very sad about that this year, but looking forward to a great school year for all of the boys.

Timmy actually had school earlier than Jack & Patrick today (they had orientation in the afternoon) so they came along to see him off. He had his brand new Vineyard Vines shep shirt all ready to wear yesterday, but with it being 90 degrees (ironically, the first 90 degree day the whole summer fell on the 1st day of school) he had to skip it. Still terribly handsome though!

Getting to school.Timmy has his BFF Jack N in his class this year. The first time since 1st grade. Although he looks just thrilled in the picture, they were both sooooo excited to be back together. I’m sure their teacher may be not quite as happy about the arrangement- I see separate corners in their near future to prevent chatting!And his other BFF James is also in his class again this year. The kid lucked out big time!!As Jack & Patrick said, it’s the Timmy three.The school grounds were NUTS so I didn’t get many other pictures. 4th grade should be a blast!!And then it was the big boys turn to go to school (just a 2hr orientation yesterday, but then they took the train up to Yankee Stadium with a school friend to catch the game. Not such a bad life, right?)A moment of peace and twinness. They were happy to be back at school (mostly. ya know, except for the work which will start on Monday when classes do). They are crazy tall and grown up. And today is a big day too- braces are coming OFF! Pictures on that soon too. Hope everyone had a smooth & easy transition back to school. I’m not digging the schedule part of it, but I got so much done yesterday (more than the whole summer combined I think!) so at least I’ll be productive while I mourn the beach and sleeping late every day. For those of you who emailed me on the fall calendar- I will get back to you sometime today. Things got crazy (my usual excuse, but sooooo true- I swear!!) and I just ran out of time. Again.

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