erin @ gymnastics

Always wanted to try my hand (my lens?) at dance or gymnastics photography since I find both so much fun to watch. Luckily, my friends daughter is a gymnast so I snuck into a meet (actually 2 meets) between client sessions and got to shoot for a while. I learned some stuff- the first being this is way harder than I thought! The lighting is tough, catching the action without knowing the routine (especially on floor) is difficult, and that Erin is even more amazing to watch in person!  Vault was the first event, and I only caught that first pic- utter concentration, love it.Beam made my palms SWEAT while watching/photographing. 

Floor is my favorite. This girl rocks it!! I, however, need to get better at capturing the big moves. She got so many medals, I lost track. (1st for floor). But I liked her expression in these. I need more practice, but I hope you liked what I did manage to get.

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