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Almost two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to photograph a miracle. How many people can say that? And I get to say it twice because this was my second time photographing a birth for this fabulous family. You can see now “big brother” Jake’s birth slideshow here. This go round was at a much more civilized hour- I got the text around 9:30am, and headed over to the hospital by 10am. Jesse made his way into this world by 2:13pm, and I was home by 5pm on a complete high!! Things have changed at the hospital in the four years since photographing Jake’s arrival- last time I wasn’t allowed in until the last bit of pushing. This time I hung around with Jenn and family the entire time. There was even a live concert in her labor and delivery room. No, seriously.

Between applications of lipgloss, hair styling, epidurals (and the crappy side effects that go with that), joking, contractions, candy, doctors, nurses, dancing in bed, wardrobe changes for everyone (Jesse’s theme was black and white and the whole family got tshirts to match Jenn’s custom hospital gown and Jesse’s newborn “I was born today” onesie and hat) and the most fabulous delivery room socks ever,  there was a baby. A whole brand new, perfect little baby. Amazing. No words to describe being there for that. Not all the pictures made the video (it’s totally safe to watch- no “parts” to be seen) but most of my favorites are in there. So please take a look at Jesse’s birth (make sure your volume is on). And leave some love for the new little family of four!



JENN EVANS (JAKE AND JESSE'S MOM) - August 13, 2015 - 5:58 pm

Jesus Christ Beth….I’m an effin sobbing mess! I would call you but I literally can’t speak through my tears. You are UN-EFFIN-REAL!! Perfection is an understatement for your talents and I am so blessed and lucky to not only have this experience with you once…but TWICE! You never cease to amaze me and I am so grateful that you captured the most amazing memories for my family!

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