jesse’s christening

A special day for a special little baby boy. For those of you who follow along at home, you’ll know this is the baby boy who’s birth I photographed back in July. So after seeing him take his first ever breaths, I’m always extra excited to see him again. His mom Jenn is the most fabulous event planner so of course, nothing was held back for his Christening “journey”. From the invitations, to the treat bar, to every. single. detail of the day something special was there.

JANINE - October 10, 2016 - 5:41 am

Posts like this brihgten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

Je comprends le sentiment que peut ressentir ton amoureux… Nos blogs nous reflètent et sont des portes ouvertes sur nos univers, que l'on partage avec un petit bout du monde entier!Mon amoureux à moi ne comprenait pas que je puisse mettre des photos de nous, de notre vie, cela le gênait. Mais il accepte que j'ai mon petit blog que j'aime, et que je partage mes pensées et des petits bouts de vie.Merci en tout cas pour ton article ♥

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I totally agree, sewing can be as expensive a hobby as you want it to be. I never buy fabric new and only ever visit Hobby Craft on a Boxing Day sale, most of my sew kit is second-hand or inherited xxx

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[..YouTube..] continuação…Ficou óbvio que a grande diferença no projeto foi o cuidado e o profissionalismo no acabamento da lata. Que ao contrário de muitos, preferiu o estanho ao invés da massa plástica que foi usada com muita parcimônia.

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