happy eastover


This weekend we celebrated both Easter and Passover, hence Eastover. We dyed eggs (although Timmy said he was going to ‘lay eggs like a shicken’), we had an egg hunt and a great dinner at Aunt Nez & Uncle That Guy’s house along with birthday cakes for Grandpa Jack and John, we watched The Ten Commandments on TV Saturday night and ate Matzo & tuna fish sandwiches while watching. (along with a “nothing says Passover like a bacon cheeseburger” per John).






Jack & Patrick really loved the movie (they have to get something from me every now and then, right?) and stayed on the couch for all 4hrs and 45min of showtime and didn’t get to bed until 12am. That means the Easter Bunny got a late start. But he did manage to get the basket together, the toys delivered and even left a trail of chocolate eggs from all 3 bedrooms down the stairs and into the dining room where the goodies were waiting. He’s pretty efficient, no?




During the easter egg hunt, there was a small cheating debacle over the golden egg. So Uncle That Guy made all the boys turn around while he re-hid it. Brendan was the big winner, fair and square.


Jack & Patrick often really like my photography ideas. The stupider, the better.



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