7 for Sunday


Ok, I haven’t dissapeared off the face of the planet. Just been busy and have no new shoot to post (I do have shoots to edit however- 12 of them to be exact- but don’t have anything new done to post yet).  So, here’s a 7 for Sunday post to tide you blog stalkers over til I can post something new.

Pictures of the sunset thrown in for your viewing pleasure…


1. I am officially ON VACATION!! No more shoots until September!!!!! And although my calendar says that bsquared is closed for August, that’s not entirely true. I’m just not shooting, but still have plenty of editing, paperwork, scheduling shoots, emails to answer, shoots to post, holiday cards to post, etc. So I’ll be working, but not shooting.   Today was the first day I went to the beach on a Saturday (and not for a shoot) this year. It was fabulous!


2. My last shoot (Friday night) was the perfect way to end the year so far. I did a little shoot for The Turn. Brian and Pat were in town playing and we needed some new pictures for upcoming posters and promo cards. They are just getting better and better and rocked the hell out of the crowd at Longhorns. I can’t wait til my birthday party where the whole band will be playing! Here’s a little sneak peek :


3. I was brushing Timmy’s hair in the mirror friday night after his tub. He took one look at himself and said “yeaaaaaaahh”. The kid cracks me up.


4. Visited with an old friend on Friday (friday was a very busy day). He was on Long Island and came by for a visit. It was so great catching up and reliving old memories. I love that there’s someone else who gets things from the past that no one else does. We’ve been friends since I’m 15 years old. That’s a lot of memories. Wish I had taken a picture but I was so busy visiting that I forgot!


5. Fished out some old notes from high school for the above visit for laughs. And it made me realize how sad it is that this generation will not have notes and letters to save (and I saved everything) from friends. Everything is email and texting. Even pictures are mostly digital- on phones, on computers. The pictures and notes I dug up are priceless to me. I even found two from my friend John Crapo who died this year unexpectedly. Now that’s all that’s left of him because I never saved any of the emails we exchanged later in life. Sad.

6. We will be leaving on the annual baseball trip on Monday for about a week. Yes, I am going. No, I am not happy about it. At all. We will be visiting Pittsburgh, Cinncinatti, Clevland & Detroit with baseball games at each location. Bet your ass I’m bringing the Kindle. There will be significant reading in each park cause that’s the only thing I can do there without attempting suicide. The only high points: visiting the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and The Christmas Story house (yes, Ralphie’s house with the leg lamp in the window) in Cleveland, and seeing our friends in Michigan. But that’s it. I’ll most likely be on FB non stop. And checking emails. So send me something good to read so I’m not ripping my hair out. Why couldn’t we like Hockey instead? That, I would love!

7. From January-July 2009, I have shot 97 different families/events/occassions. I have now booked 52 shoots so far for the fall with spaces still available and some pending bookings.  Holy crap. No wonder I’m so tired.


I am hoping to still be posting while I’m away. I’m working on editing some shoots to schedule to post automatically, so keep checking back my loyal blog stalkers.

And one thought/beth trivia to leave you with: those fake, limparmed, barelythere hugs suck and frankly, piss me off. Give me a real hug with a squeeze anytime!

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