7 for Saturday

1. Some new shots of my favorite band, The Turn. Had a goal of an acoustic shot taken vertically and had some stuff to trade back and forth with them so I went over to see them play last Friday at Longhorns (used to be bbq. inc) in RVC. Beth W even came along for a little while. Of course, it was a great time. I’m supposed to go take some pictures of them up at a festival in Pomona today, so stay tuned for those…eventually. I just hope I can do it without it raining all over my camera!!!




To see the rest of the shots from the night, please click HERE.

2. Things are changing for bsquared photography next year. I”m finding that it’s just not possible for me to keep up this pace. I never get to see the boys on the weekends and am up every single night til at least 2am editing, and I’m nowhere near close to being caught up. And yes, I still love it, but I absolutely have to cut back.

That being said, for 2010, I’ll be working only one day each weekend. I will alternate the calendar so that one weekend will be Saturday and one will be Sunday (as much as possible). I’ll work during my ‘on’ day from 9am until the last drop of light is gone from the sky.  During busy season (Sept-end of Nov), I will most likely throw in a weekday late afternoon or two a week for a few shoots as well. (have to wait and see on that because we’ll be starting Middle School and Kindergarten here in September).

Because of the new schedule, there will be fewer spots available so that means everyone should book as early as possible to ensure you get a spot. Right now, I’m taking and holding dates for Communion Season (where I will be working both weekend days from April thru mid May to accommodate everyone’s communions.)  If you are interested, please email me at bbeyrer1@optonline.net to hold your time and date. I haven’t quite figured out pricing for 2010 either (that’ll be in December) so I’ll just put you on the calendar and we can confirm once prices are done.

3. In reference to the above schedule changes, the bsquared calendar for Jan-May of 2010 is up. You can view it here: 2010 bsquared calendar

4. While Timmy and I had a dinner date last night, and then proceeded to both fall asleep in his bed at 9:30pm (where I slept until 9:30am today! See what I mean about not being able to keep up this pace), the big boys, Daddy, and Hakka (Grandpa Ken) went to see the Mets at CitiField and caught a foul ball!!!! I have yet to hear the story, as I was sleeping last night when they came home and was still sleeping when they left to play in their game this morning. Here’s a picture from Hakka’s phone of the big moment!


5. All shoots today (except for the Turn) are rescheduled due to the rain. This rain is playing total freakin havoc with my shoot schedule. I have a waiting list almost 10 deep already and this rain is definitely not boding well for their chances to get a shoot in! I used to wish that my superpower was seeing into the future (Alice from Twilight anyone) but now I’m switching to ‘weather control’ for my superpower.

6. I know lots of people are waiting for pictures from my birthday party. I haven’t even thought about editing them yet, and with the current schedule won’t be able to for a while…so hang in there. I’ll get to them eventually. Probably Dec or Jan. Not even kidding. Here’s two from the photobooth in the meantime.


7. Just booked our winter trips to South Florida and to Disney. Now, that’s really something to look forward to! So far, I am loving the Disney Vacation Club. They make everything so easy to book!! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to stay in our ‘home resort’ of Bay Lake Towers cause we booked too late and they are all full. I’m hoping to do that in 2011 though!

Hope everyone has a nice Saturday, rain or not.

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