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A few weekends ago my most favorite of bands, The Turn, played at a festival/race up in Pomona. Of course, I was there to take lots of pictures. And sing and dance a little too. (but no one needs to see that part!)



I was so excited that it was an outdoor venue with tons of natural light (my favorite to shoot in). And boy, was I ever right! I took what I think are the best pictures of them to date (and that’s saying a lot because I have literally several thousand pictures of The Turn since starting with them about a year and a half ago). The clouds were totally threatening rain, but it somehow held out. Had a few drops on my camera during the last song- couldn’t have asked for better timing.


And speaking of timing- there was terrible traffic (not surprising) on the way up there. The Turn was supposed to go on from 1:30-2:15, and I arrived at 2pm. Figuring I would get like 5 shots in I was so annoyed but after hiking over the hill from the parking lot I was so happy to see that they hadn’t started yet. Some problems with the sound, but it worked out all okay in the end. And I got a TON of pictures. So hold on for a zillion new ones below.

The whole band, rockin it out. Love the changing leaves in the background.




Brian. Just when I think he’s amazed me with his talent, he sings something new and I’m blown away all over again.



My favorite Brian Ripps singing expression.




My favorite picture on the left. I don’t know why exactly, but it’s just SO him.



Total rock star. I mean, seriously.


I had the picture on the right in my head before I took it. Came together perfectly- love it when that happens. Plus, hopping up on the stage during a show is so much fun!!


Chris. Who can go from scary to sweet in one frame! And the broken drum sticks are just the coolest- he plays really hard.







Brian. Who after seeing the pictures told me that his bass dosen’t look this good in real life! It’s always a challenge for me to get a good picture of Brian and we can’t figure out why. But I was so happy to get a bunch this time.



And Patrick. He had it all going on that day. The sunglasses, the singing, the new beard, the guitar playing. Just wow.

During sound check (which went on for quite a while due to the aforementioned problems) Pat and I snuck off for a 5 minute mini shoot. Loved the field, the trees, the rockstar…












The whole crew. Visit them at for show dates and to listen to some of their music (for the very few of my blog stalkers who haven’t yet). I promise you will love them. They are so talented and just good people. Plus, when they really make it huge, you can say you knew them when…



They are going back into the studio next week to work on their 3rd yet to be named album. I’ll be there to document it all! Can’t wait as I’ve heard most of the new songs and they are so, so awesome!

(*all the pictures were taken with my 135mm L lens. I love, love that lens and really should use it more often. The colors that come out of it are to die for.)

To see all of the pictures from the show (oh yes, there are more), click HERE.

PATRICE - November 6, 2009 - 10:05 pm

YOU ARE TRULY ONE TALENTED LADY! I cant’t wait to say…
I knew you when!!!!
Wow..I am in awe of just about ALL your shots!looking foward to our 2nd session with you and that 135mm of yours.
( reading all you comments too)

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