the sile family

This is my videographer, Jerry, the guy behind all the fabulous ‘video your shoot’ movies that have been on the blog since September, and his awesome family who I adore photographing.




It was my 3rd time taking the kids pictures and I always have a great time with them. Even if they think I’m mean and yell at them! (ok, to clarify…at our first shoot, the kids were playing with a stick in their yard and mom (not me) asked them to put it down a zillion times to no avail. Finally, getting totally frustrated, mom (not me)ripped the stick out of their hands and threw it across the backyard. The result of this was tears from the kids. Tons and tons of tears. Over the stick. So, being the mom and photographer that I am I had to take a picture of them hysterically crying. Which their mom loved and it’s still hanging on their fridge to this day. So, somehow the kids forgot the fact that their MOM (not me) is the one who yelled and took their stick away.) So now they think I’m mean. Great.


We had a good time, nonetheless (well, unless they were just scared that I would yell at them) and it was quite interesting watching Jerry go back and forth between videographer and daddy/subject.



Aren’t they so cute? And I loved the jewel tones- they all looked so good!





Mom is a bit under the weather this week so I am hoping this blog post, pictures and video do something to help cheer her up. Feel better, E. And please remind your children that it wasn’t me who yelled at them!!


Jerry and I have a bunch of shoots together this weekend so be on the lookout for a few more videos coming soon.

Make sure your sound is on.


Silec1file from Jerry Silecchia on Vimeo.

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