6 for Sunday, on Monday

1. Timmy got new “glasses”. He’s making everyone call him Albert Einstein when he wears them.


2. The storm here on Saturday night was crazy. Luckily, we didn’t sustain any damage other than a broken patio umbrella, but this town is a wreck. So many trees down (on peoples houses, across streets, leaning on power lines) and power lines down. A few friends have no power even still. We lost power for a little bit Sunday but I think it was because they turned it off to fix other things on our grid. The wind was whipping (like 70 mph they said) and the rain was heavy, and there was even thunder & lightening. What is with the weather lately?? I hope it’s getting it all out of it’s system now, so we have a nice, sunny photoshoot spring and summer (and fall, too).


3. Lady Gaga- still not getting it. The only song I like is Paparazzi and that’s cause of my camera and paparazzi tendencies. She’s very interesting but I can’t get past just that.


4. Just booked a trip (no, not to Florida) to Washington DC for a weekend in March. Going to see my friend from U of Miami, Nate, and his family. Of course, lots of sightseeing too. Hoping that we’ll be in time for the cherry blossoms. And my parents are coming along so that should be extra fun (but NO trips to 5 guys, okay Hakka?)


5. I know there has been a real lack of blog material lately, but that is just about to change. I have 3 shoots this week (one this morning in Queens, one Friday and a party Saturday night) plus the St Patricks parade on Saturday, and then in two weeks the calendar starts getting very busy again. Almost communion season and you know how busy that is!


6.  Been watching Dreamgirls on tv the last two days. Wow, that Jennifer Hudson can sing, and Beyonce is beautiful and so talented. Wish I had seen the Broadway show. Thinking about getting tickets to see West Side Story though. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a show.


Almost all the pictures in this post really had just about nothing to do with the 6 things I wrote about. A full recap post from Disney coming up along with 2 more videos from the trip. Later this week, I think.

INEZ - March 15, 2010 - 11:36 am

I recommend The Addams Family. Tom and I saw it Friday night. On B’way with Nathan Lane and Bebe Newrith. Very funny.

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