holiday card collection 2011

So thrilled to be bringing you the 2011 bsquared holiday card collection with lots of new & fabulous choices including die cut cards! I’m working with a new vendor this year and you will be able to order cards in any amount above 25 (so if you want 39 cards, you can order 39 cards), and I’ll be offering the option of having your return address printed on the back of the envelopes.

The image above shows some of the available options this year: 1. 5×7 Luxe trifold cards (fold sort of like a matchbook) found  in set two,.2. 5×5 Die cut circle cards with scalloped edge, found below in set one., 3.  5×7 flat card, found below in sets three, four and five., 4. Luxe 5×5 die cut card (can be special ordered, prices same as set one below), 5. 5×7 flat card with scalloped edge, found below in sets three, four and five., 6. 5×5 Luxe trifold card, found below in set two., 7. Luxe 5×7 flat card, found below in sets six and seven, 8. 5×5 die cut square with scalloped edge, found below in set one., 9. special order long luxe cards, 10. 5×5 due cut circle cards, found below in set one.

All prices are listed below. Finishes available are smooth, linen and pearl. Gloss finish, and bamboo paper also available for an additional cost.

Prices listed do not include NYS sales tax.

All card colors and sentiments can be changed to suit your needs. The overall layout cannot be changed.

You may also choose a card from 2009 or 2010’s holiday card collections. They can be found by clicking the b2 products link in the menu bar above.

If you’d like to see the 2011 collections larger, you can find them all here: (sorry, the live links don’t seem to be working, so just copy and paste the address into your browser)

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