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family BBQ

Every year, Uncle Dick and Aunt Cathy arrange a family fishing trip out of Pt.Lookout. This is the 30th year. And afterward, everyone goes back to their house for a nice BBQ with all the family. And there are a lot of em! This year the fishing segment was not so well attended as in the past. Last year’s trip was a little ummm….eventful. Everyone on the boat spent the day puking. I mean the whole day. Apparently, they went out into the ocean fishing and it was extremely choppy. It was the big boys 1st year going and they were kinda nervous about throwing up. I gave them some tips on what to do if they started feeling sea-sick (look at the horizon, stay outside, etc)and sent them with a change of clothes, just in case. The funny thing was that they and their Uncle Joe were the ONLY ONES who didn’t throw up out of around 30 people on the boat. John was so sick and didn’t get off the rail of the boat the whole time. The boys were laughing at him as he was throwing up. Nice. And Patrick caught a fish, but no one got a picture (even though John had a camera) cause they were all too busy puking. So it is like a real fish story.

Anyway, this year John opted out of the fishing part (hence the boys did not go either) because of last year’s fiasco, but we heard it was not as bad this year. Only one person puked, but not much action on the fish. But a lot of the family made it to the BBQ and we had a great time at that. The kids (big and little) played baseball in the street, there were bagpipes, bicycles, and there were babies, grandparents, cousins galore. We even ran into one of the boys friends from school who lives in the neighboorhood for the summer. I took the boys down to the beach (2 blocks away) for some pictures before it got dark. Then they chased lighting bugs after it did. We didn’t get home til after 10:30pm (Timmy was a real trooper and had a great time, even when tired. He kept asking for "how bout mores birthday party?"). It was great to see everyone. Here are a few of the zillion pictures I took. I think everyone is getting used to me with the camera all the time. I don’t mean they LIKE it or anything, just used to it. Familybbq_023sc Familybbq_030sc Familybbq_041rc Familybbq_068sc Familybbq_125sc Familybbq_136sc Familybbq_141sc Familybbq_147sc Familybbq_161scrc Familybbq_169sc Familybbq_176sc Familybbq_179sc Familybbq_122sc Familybbq_139sc Familybbq_159sc Familybbq_182sc Familybbq_186sc Familybbq_187sc Familybbq_072sc Familybbq_073sc

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golf lessons

So the boys started their first "official" golf lessons now that we joined a country club. And they are LOVING it. Even though it seems kinda ‘snotty’ to belong to a country club, it really is a nice place and the people are all very nice and friendly. I was surprised too. But the pools are super and all the boys love them, and now adding golf into the mix dosen’t hurt either. I must mention the great time they had riding around in the golf cart- it may have been the highlight of the day. Apparently, they are doing pretty well at golf. They can’t wait to play the course for real. It might be a while til that happens though-I don’t think they can hit the ball very far yet. They also started swimming lessons there, so maybe they will finally learn how to REALLY swim. I mean they can be in the deep end of the pool for hours and not drown, but they don’t really know any of the strokes. They mentioned joining the swim team there, but that would be slightly difficult since they don’t know how to swim. Maybe next year. Firstgolf_009sc Firstgolf_016sc Firstgolf_022sc Firstgolf_026sc And don’t you just love the golf gloves?

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two sets of twins

A long, long time ago when we first joined the beach club, we met identical twin girls: Colleen and Erin. I don’t know if it was the twin thing that drew them together, or just the fact that they really liked eachother, but since that first summer when the boys were one and the girls were three, they have been stuck together like glue. Every single summer their mom and I say "this is the last summer that they are going to play together". We figure it’s gonna get weird with the whole boy/girl thing, but thankfully it hasn’t. In fact, they are tighter than ever. It’s funny cause each twin has their assigned twin. Jack & Erin (red and red, 4 letters and 4 letters, calmer and calmer), Patrick & Colleen (blue and blue/green, 7 letters and 7 letters, drama and drama). We don’t know how they picked out the right one, but they did from the very beginning. The girls are way into the Mets as are the boys, so they play a lot of beach baseball. And they went to their very first Mets game together tonight. They were soo super excited about that.

There were so many times over the summers that I took both the boys and the girls for walks up and down the beach together and you can only imagine the looks and questions I got walking around with two sets of twins. I bet John got a few of those tonight at the game! Here are some shots…twins x2 at 2 and 4, and again at the boys 1st communion in May at 7 and 9. Littletwins Img_3047copy

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crazy coinsidences

Did you ever meet someone that you really should have been friends with for a long time BEFORE you actually met? When I met Jen about 7.5 years ago at Gymboree, that was what happened. We were living crazy parallel lives up until we met, and we are still finding all of these odd similarities of our lives. Some examples:

Her half sister is Ivy’s mother’s best friend. (did you follow that one?) She and Ivy grew up playing together often. And Ivy is my oldest friend. We should have met then.

She lived around the corner from Leslie Nusbl—, Ivy’s arch nemesis from camp. Jen didn’t like her either.

GumYing (the best chinese restaurant of all time with owner Sidney), Inatome (the best Japanese Steak house ever with a big haaaaappyyy birthdaaaay) especially for special occasions, Intercamp games from sleepaway camp where our camps played eachother, same college as Ivy (don’t think either of them knew that when they were both there).

Our oldest boys have the same EXACT birthday. We both 3 boys. The movie Fire with Fire- no one else knows that one. Our seriously obsessive (seriously) list making. The same baby book from when WE were babies that our mom’s made for us. Other little things too numerous to remember or write.

Jen is an awesome friend and we always have a crazy fun time together. I love that she plans meals literally days in advance cause she loves food so much. She is the only person I ever met that will start talking about what she is eating for dinner while we are having lunch! And the only person who truly understands why when I do an errand that is not on my list, I go home and write it down, just so I can cross it off! (see, I told you the list was serious). When we met at gymboree and started a playgroup (more on the playgroup girls on another future post), I never would have thought we would still be such good friends 7.5 years later. And I am so glad that we are. Even our husbands get along-they are of the same mold. 251_5127sc Here’s one from a recent dinner we all went to at Inatome. Love that ginger dressing, and the ginger sauce!

KRISTI - July 12, 2007 - 4:35 pm


I saw your link on Two Peas, and the first thing I noticed is that you’ve been a Pea longer than me! I don’t see that too often anymore. Just wanted to take a peek at your blog–the banner photo is adorable!

Kristi (Micaela on Two Peas)

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fireworks & friends

On Saturday, we (John, the 3 boys, my parents, and I)went to our town’s annual fireworks display, and met up with my oldest friend, her parents, boyfriend, and kids-which is quickly becoming one of our favorite traditions. Our family has gone to the fireworks for many years already, but meeting them there has been over the last 2 years. It certainly is helpful that my friends dad, Uncle J is in charge of the auxilluary police in town and we get good parking because that place is a mob scene! I have been friends with "I" since we were 8 years old- day camp, hebrew school, sleepaway camp, highschool, an apartment together after graduate school, weddings, kids, and now, we have done so much together and really grown up together. It’s good having someone know you like that. And "YOU DON’T HAVE LUPUS (or lymphoma)". Love you, I.

When we brought Jack and Patrick to the fireworks for the first time (they were about a month shy of 3 years old) they both FREAKED out over the fireworks-at least the noise of them. They were so hysterical we had to leave right away. Patrick was so scared, he bit me on the shoulder while I was carrying him. I mean HARD. Broke the skin and everything. I will never let him forget it, either. They really like the fireworks now, and Timmy was not scared at all. He really liked them a lot, and kept naming all the colors. "I like it the fireworks". It was a Fireworks07_031sc fun night. No one got to bed until after 10:30pm. Fireworks07_011sc Fireworks07_021sc

Fireworks07_027sc Fireworks07_017sc Fireworks07_037drc Fireworks07_006sccbw

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