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some recent shoots

Img_1972ccopy Now that I received permission from my recent photoshoot families, I can post some highlights from a few recent photoshoots. There are a few from each shoot below (you can click on each picture to enlarge), but if you look on the left side column there is an album from each family’s shoots. If you are one of my recent shoots and you see any edits that you particularly like, please shoot me an email and let me know if there is something you’d like me to do. I just got a new PS program which has really helped me to try to step up my processing. Img_1996copy Img_2055copy

Img_2061copy 235_3569Img_2002_copy2  235_3585 237_3779 237_3790 238_3888copy 238_3892copy 238_3896bwcopy 239_3910_bwcopy Img_0248_copy Img_0261copy_filtered Img_1730copy Img_1744copy Img_1960copy_filtered

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timmy things

just some stuff timmy is doing or saying these days that I want to remember:

how bout mores?

everything with any slight resemblance to a castle is automatically "cinderella castle". this includes climbing structures, churches, the top of the boys school.

c’mon, c’mon, c’mon

gives real kisses all the time. gives great hugs. Loves his brothers so much. "pick up boys".

kisses your boo-boos and gives you a hug so you feel better. "i kiss it".

talks about the Buzz Lightyear ride every single day, still.

asks to watch Toy Story every single day (at least once).

says "coach graeme" every time he wears his Liverpool shirt.

Space ship shoes

always wants to go higher on the swings

working on giving up the car papi (it broke cause he chewed it to death and I haven’t replaced it yet).

loves to play outside.

hates circle time at school and at tumbles. Dosen’t want to sit and particpate, would rather run.

knows and recognizes almost every letter in the alphabet, numbers 1-10 too.

loves the beach. sleeps like crazy after a day there. mommy therefore loves the beach too. loves the pool as well-even when it’s freezing.

calls the sunroof the "woo-hoo", as in "open the woo-hoo, mommy".

asks for nappy-papi when tired. can’t beat a kid who asks for a nap!

still lets me rock him to sleep for naps. i will miss that terribly when it’s over.

cuddles in bed in the mornings-if he’s up early enough, he will go back to sleep with me.

knows how to turn on/off the TV. Loves MickeyMouse Clubhouse. Loves to watch Mahna-Mahna, Lime in the Coconut (ie co-a-nut), Josie and the Pussycats theme song on the computer.

I comin’ down. Climb, climb. I did it! Waddle, waddle, waddle (along with proper movements). Mommy do it. Says "shhhhhh" when he dosen’t like what you are saying or doing.

Is a very happy, good natured, sweet boy almost all the time. But can throw a real good fit when things don’t go his way.

says “cheers”, not only for drinks, but for anything that he has and you have the same (ie. towels in the bathroom.

“one to mommy, one to timmy”


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thank you Robin!

Robin is really the best. She came over after work with a PS book (a gift) and a wealth of knowledge to share on Photoshop(a bigger gift). She taught me a ton of new tricks for photo manipulation and for learning how to do all kinds of other stuff. She is an awesome friend. I’m her maid of honor at her upcoming wedding in September- yes, I said maid. I cannot stand "matron"- it makes me feel like a 500lb prison guard with grey hair and a mole, so I made her promise to call me maid instead. And she’s a good sushi partner. And a very talented artist. Thanks so much, Rob! Img_3044copy

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a rip off of a rip off

Well, I saw this on Heidi Swapp’s Blog the other day (she got the idea from a Rachel Ray magazine article) and thought it would be a good idea to put into action at our house. I went to a local restaurant supply store and bought a huge roll of white butcher paper to cover the table with. Also hit Target (looooove Target) and bought a bunch of new markers, crayons and pencils of various widths and types, along with a platter, placemat and some cute cups. And voila- the dining room table will now be a craft area for the summer. 239_3971copy 239_3962copy

As the paper gets covered by drawings (and dinner spills) I’ll just roll out a new covering and start over. Everyone seems to be enjoying it so far- there is a lot of nice artwork already (a ton of Webkinz drawings from the boys, scribbles from Timmy). Timmy is constantly covered in marker in assorted colors. We are getting a lot of use out of the stain stick! I am hoping this set up will prevent a lot of "I’m bored"s over the summer. 240_4072copy_filtered

MICHELE BROCK - May 13, 2008 - 7:06 pm

Is this the former Beth Wisch? If you arent I appologiZe, If you are..Whats up girly. A bunch of us are on facebook and trying to reconnect. Email bmichele@bellsouth.net If its not you sorry

My sister is in plainview and I wanted to connect you two

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so, here it is. my blog.

everyone else seems to have one, so I am joining in. I highly doubt anyone at all will be reading this, but it will be a good place for me to "keep notes" on what is happening around here. That way when I am ready to scrapbook the pictures, I will have some idea about what I might want to write. And maybe I will start posting some of the pictures from my paid shoots on here too. I guess we’ll just see what comes of it.

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