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a rip off of a rip off

Well, I saw this on Heidi Swapp’s Blog the other day (she got the idea from a Rachel Ray magazine article) and thought it would be a good idea to put into action at our house. I went to a local restaurant supply store and bought a huge roll of white butcher paper to cover the table with. Also hit Target (looooove Target) and bought a bunch of new markers, crayons and pencils of various widths and types, along with a platter, placemat and some cute cups. And voila- the dining room table will now be a craft area for the summer. 239_3971copy 239_3962copy

As the paper gets covered by drawings (and dinner spills) I’ll just roll out a new covering and start over. Everyone seems to be enjoying it so far- there is a lot of nice artwork already (a ton of Webkinz drawings from the boys, scribbles from Timmy). Timmy is constantly covered in marker in assorted colors. We are getting a lot of use out of the stain stick! I am hoping this set up will prevent a lot of "I’m bored"s over the summer. 240_4072copy_filtered

MICHELE BROCK - May 13, 2008 - 7:06 pm

Is this the former Beth Wisch? If you arent I appologiZe, If you are..Whats up girly. A bunch of us are on facebook and trying to reconnect. Email bmichele@bellsouth.net If its not you sorry

My sister is in plainview and I wanted to connect you two

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so, here it is. my blog.

everyone else seems to have one, so I am joining in. I highly doubt anyone at all will be reading this, but it will be a good place for me to "keep notes" on what is happening around here. That way when I am ready to scrapbook the pictures, I will have some idea about what I might want to write. And maybe I will start posting some of the pictures from my paid shoots on here too. I guess we’ll just see what comes of it.

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