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the lad family

I photographed this bunch when the baby was really a baby! Can’t believe how fast that went. He was not a happy camper for a lot of the shoot and as it turns out he ended up being sick for like 2 weeks after. At least I know not to take it personally!! Hope you’re happy with the photos- and next time we will hopefully not have to reschedule 1,735 times for weather!!


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Because basically people suck and everyone is so nasty today. Here are some puppies. They were born to go into a service dog program- guide dogs for the blind, service dogs for the disabled, alert dogs for those that suffer with diabetes, seizure disorders, etc. service dogs for Veterans. They were 5 weeks old here and not yet allowed on the grass or ground outside so we were limited on our photography options, but omg the cuteness on any surface!! My friend Pam is the foster mom and wanted some pictures of these cuties before they were off to the next step in their service life.

Look at the puppies and stop your whining.


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the ric family

We tried and tried to get a beach session in like we did last year, but despite all of our best efforts it was not to be. So instead we did a fall themed shoot this year with this gorgeous crew, and I think it worked out just fine! Loved the girls in the fall colors and textures with the pretty changing leaves. Maybe we’ll hit up the beach again next year. But for now, enjoy this year’s session.


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