more trouble for bob {our elf on the shelf}

Every time I turn around that elf is into something else.

Apparently, he likes music. Oldies especially. And Let it Snow most of all.

So, is Bob good……or evil? Clearly, he’s been in our house too long already and picking up bad Christmas habits from John. Who, me?Bob decided that since there wasn’t enough snow outside, plus the fact that its way too cold for humans or elves out there lately, that he’d make snow angels (sugar elves?) on the kitchen counter. Lucky for Bob, Miriam our cleaning lady was coming over later that morning to clean up his mess. Bob needs to be getting a job. Yes, I know. Still too much time on my hands. Or perhaps its just a minor nervous breakdown from the lack of sleep and tons of work I’ve been doing lately. I have even better Bob posts coming up until Christmas! Stay tuned.

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