the stac christening

I was so happy when mom booked me to photograph her little girl’s christening. Photographing christenings is always so much fun for me, especially when I get to be there for THE moment in the church. Little miss M did wonderfully, no crying at all. And priest was the funniest, most easy going priest I have ever seen. He was all about getting the mass done timely so everyone could get out to watch the Jets game and he was so good with all the kids there, having them come up to the font and explaining about the water. The best joke of the day? “How do you get water to become holy water? Boil the hell out of it.” Ha!

She is perfect, isn’t she? And mom had the christening gown hanging right there in the window when I walked in. Just for me. Do my clients rock (and know me so well) or what?A few fun ones- the chaos of 3 littles and getting everyone ready to head to church and a party all while trying to look relaxed and calm. Ahhh, life. No doubt you will recognize a few of the faces here. Mary Ellen and Kenny were standing in for Miss M’s godparents who couldn’t be there for the Christening. Unfortunately, Sara (the godmother) was in the hospital with preterm labor with her 5th baby and was then sent home on bedrest and a terbutaline pump.  Been there, done that and I feel terrible for her. But I hope she can enjoy the pictures from her bed today- and Sara you’d better be laying your butt down!!!!!Hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you so much for letting me be there for Miss M’s special day!

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