tampa & st. petersburg

Spent Friday afternoon & night into Saturday morning in St. Petersburg to see the Tampa Bay Ray’s play. More baseball. Ya.

1. The cool bridge, 2. Map of stadium, 3. The elevator at the hotel (Stephen King Shining at the Overlook Hotel with the blood pouring out of the elevators, right? Sorry, Sue Miller), 4. boys outside stadium, 5. at tropicana field, 6. john buying tickets, 7. carnival stuff in stadium, 8. boys in game having lots of fun, 9. my friend Colleen made the baseball player coming out of centerfield!, 10. more carnival theme, 11. patrick and his morning cup of coffee, 12. iphone pix out the window, 13. more of Colleen’s guy, 14. view out the window, 15. patrick’s milk moustache (its not really coffee), 16. inside tropicana field (so weird being inside for a game), 17. 89 degrees and 82 miles per hour, 18. cool building, 19. tropicana field, 20. a truck filled with melons (both watermelons and regular) on I-595.

The boys got their obligatory hats, shirts and a stuffed animal for Timmy. I read a couple of hundred pages in my book (The Long Walk by Slavomir Rawicz which is a true story about his escape from a Siberian prison camp during WW2). It was great and the boys are reading it too. But not during the game.

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