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As those of you who are friends or blog stalkers know the story of my BFF from college and her miracle baby who was born at 25 weeks. You can always read their story here. Eoin turned 2 (omg, where did the time go?!) yesterday and is doing amazingly well! With the red hair, green eyes and beaming smile he had me drooling over him the minute I got there. And then when he loved playing with me and let me hold him? Done.

So one week from today, Robin & Joe (and Eoin too) will be welcoming their identical twin girls!!!!!!! to the family. Robin’s going full term with this pregnancy, and although they had an IVF appointment set up, they found out a week before the appointment that she was pregnant. With twins. On their own.  Totally crazy and a miracle. Again!

Look how good Robin looks!! When I first walked in and saw her, I said you aren’t so big at all. Especially not for twins! Right?From the side view, there are definitely two babies in there! And I know she cannot wait for them to be born so she can breathe because her lungs aren’t in her neck anymore. And eat more than 5 bites without feeling full cause her stomach is squished someplace in there. And walk without baby A’s head pressing on her siatic nerve at every step. I know these things because I was pregnant with twins once (and cause she told me!)Eoin’s pretty excited, too!Omg, kill me now with that smile. And don’t even get me started on those eyelashes. I’m funny. Especially to two year olds. So in college, Robin painted this beautiful picture of a girl in a clearing in a forest, with dark hair, looking down. It was never quite finished (at least not to Robin) but I always loved it. And the shot of Robin on the left reminds me SO much of that painting.

Eoin is enjoying the new minivan they just got. With three kids, it’s what you gotta do. Cannot wait until ‘the’ phonecall next Friday. And to find out what the girls names are (cause Robin won’t tell me and I’m so impatient)! And to see if they have Eoin’s coloring. And who they look like. And to go back up and take a thousand twin newborn pictures!! Stay tuned and please send all of your good thoughts to Robin, Joe & Eoin on a very easy delivery and recovery with healthy twin girls!

ROBIN - May 1, 2011 - 5:34 pm

Beth, I just love the photos! I really like the ones on the rock and the one of Eoin’s eyes closed, where you all you see are his lashes! Thank you so much and only 5 more days till I can tell you the names!

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