baseball trip 2011- day 2 Chicago I

We left early Tuesday morning for the 7+ hour drive to Chicago. It was pretty and the first farm was exciting. After that it was naps, DS’s, snacks and tons of “how much longers”. We stopped for a bathroom/lunch break somewhere in Wisconsin which just so happened to be across the street from a US Military Base. There were a ton of soldiers in the restaurant and I decided I would buy whoever was on line at Subway their lunch for the day. You know how I have a real soft spot for all US soldiers. I mean, they put their lives on the line for us every day. I figured lunch was the least I could do. It was awesome!!

And they were nice enough to stop for a picture with the boys. And Bob.

The guys pictured above even gave each of the boys a “challenge coin” from their unit. They explained that you get them for doing something good for your unit and gave them to me with a handshake. It was pretty cool and quite an honor. Timmy can’t wait to bring it in for show and tell in first grade. And we finally made it to Chicago. With no time to spare, we took the subway over to Wrigley for the game. Even though they spent most of their 12th birthday in the car, they still had a good day. Grandpa Jack and Grandma Inez even flew in for the game (and left the next morning). Looked up just in time to catch this. Love it!Messing around with some sun flare. I was so bored. Then it was time for Tuesday’s surprise. Birthday wishes on the scoreboard at Wrigley!And Bob. Tried to find him a elf sized birthday hat but didn’t have much luck. He celebrated the boys birthday anyway. Well, at least he liked the game. And I can’t go another day without props to my Pilates trainer Karen who suggested Bob come along on the baseball trip. I think a lot of people thank you, Karen!!


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