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**crickets** Is anyone still out there? I know I’ve been so bad about blogging but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t even had time to edit any of my personal photos, nevermind work photos and I hate blogging without photos. So here we go, if anyone out there is still actually reading my poor neglected blog. I have so much in my head that I feel like it’s going to explode. Hence the million monday title.

1. Still working hard on the whole rebranding end of the bsquared business. The packaging is going to be gorgeous! I’m so excited about it!! And there’s going to be a bsquared magazine too that will come along with your contract and welcome packet. All my sample and product orders are in and I’m just waiting on their arrival. I promise there will be pictures as soon as everything is in, but here’s what my colors are based off of: (john got me another gorgeous Tiffany bag for Christmas! Thanks JohnnyB!)


2. Vacation was fabulous- 10 whole days in Florida. More on the vacation including pictures soon (yeah, didn’t edit those yet either.) but I got about 1/8th of the stuff done that I had wanted to get done. I guess that’s just vacation for you, and why I’m so crazed now.

3. The Organic Bloom frame orders have been pilling in (those boxes are freaking huge and heavy. Right, Beth W?) and here are a few shots of recent client orders. Chris has been so great hanging the frames in clients homes- he’s a real pro with the measuring! Me, I just eyeball it. Hence, why we now offer the service of having Chris come and hang everything for you and at $25 per hour, I think it’s a pretty great deal. Please feel free to email me at if you are interested in placing an Organic Bloom frame order- they are super fabulous. And I’m happy to come to your home to measure and help you choose colors, styles and sizes to best compliment your home and photos to create an amazing gallery for you too!!

Jenn’s frames in the baby’s nursery: (16×20 Lewis twin stack in espresso and white)

16×20 Lewis single in espresso, and 3 5×7 Ricky’s in white. 3 4×6 Mary Ann’s in metallic bronze, one twin stack Fonzie in metallic bronze and  cream soda. Franca’s 16×20 Lewis’s in metallic silver. (shown in my living room as she hadn’t decided on prints yet. When they are hung up, I’ll take some pictures and post them)And Katie’s 8×10 Fonzie twin stack in charcoal and rhubarb. (this one was a gift for christmas)4. Jenn (of the birth session, many other bsquared sessions and owner of the organic bloom galleries above) was having a post- christmas party on the day we were there hanging her galleries so I couldn’t resist snapping a few of her amazing table. She’s so great at everything having to do with event planning, decorating and styling. I really, really want her to start her own business!

5. Timmy had a little holiday concert at school right before Christmas. Here are a few from that. (I was so proud that he participated the whole time! If you remember Halloween, you know he doesn’t always do well with that.) He’s on the bottom right next to one of his best buds, Liam.

6. After being over at Jenn’s house the other day I’m all inspired to turn the ‘scrapbook room’ (which is kinda a big mess of a room now that no one scrapbooks in and just holds all the random crap from everywhere else in the house. Read: a mess.) into a real office for bsquared. I’m sorta torn because right now my “office” is a few feet in my kitchen with my computer, files and all my other bsquared stuff. There are pros and cons to both upstairs and kitchen offices. Being in the kitchen allows me to get work done and be around the boys at the same time (biggest pro), do some laundry, cook dinner all while working. But a lot of those are cons too when trying to really work- lots of distractions! If I have the office upstairs, it’ll be more cut off from the ‘world’ which is good for getting work done but not so good for multitasking and being around the boys. We’ll see how it all plays out.

Going with something like this from Pottery Barn, but with no sewing machine and maybe a little futon from Ikea:

7. If they don’t already, the recycle guys are going to hate me after this week. This is the result of Christmas, bsquared product orders and just life. It goes pretty deep into the garage so this is just scratching the surface. Omg, Wednesday can’t come soon enough. I look like a freaking hoarder.

8. Just some shots of the cute boy doing his homework.

9. Finally took some photos of the new bsquared luxe albums. Aren’t they beautiful?? Monogrammed, gutterless (so there’s no break or visible seam in the middle of the two pages), thick pages, suede or leather cover. They’ll be under bsquared prodcuts later today and start at $700. Perfect for your wedding, bar/batmitzvah or just your bsquared family sessions over the years custom designed just for you.

10. Finally got my rug for the den in that I ordered back in September from Horchow. Something with the manufacturer, but I think it was worth the wait. Love it and it makes the room a little more cozy and warm.

Giveaway winners!:

11. The giveaway for best 2011 holiday card that was made with bsquared photos (but a card I didn’t make) that was submitted is Laura M!! Congratulations Laura!

12. The giveaway for the guess closest to the actual # of sessions I photographed in 2011 is: Joan S with a guess of 127. Congrats Joan!! My actual # of shoots was 138. I really appreciate you all guessing and guessing with such high numbers! It certainly feels like I do sessions numbering in the 500’s like so many of your guesses.

I’ll be contacting both Laura and Joan with your little gifts!

13. I think that’s everything (well, not really but I gotta save some stuff for future posts!) Hope you all have a great day!

BRITNI SLUSSER - January 12, 2012 - 11:20 am

Wow, i found your site by googling organic bloom frames so i could get more ideas of placements and colors. I love your blog, it is just beautiful and you are very talented!!

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