sydney’s sweet 16

A super fun and amazingly themed sweet 16 at the Garden City Hotel nightclub for a great girl. I’ve photographed their family once before- for the littlest sister’s christening. And now that baby is walking all over the place. Time certainly does fly and I’m sure Sydney’s mom feels the same way celebrating her daughters sweet 16! A little birdy told me that today is Sydney’s actual birthday- so happy birthday!!

Sydney’s whole court. Would have liked to get them centered in the room a little more, but there was a very rude gentleman sitting on the couch on the right who would not move. Still, a great looking bunch. You getting the theme yet?

Gorgeous girl. Love the multi colored hair the most!!A big thank you to Charles who was assisting me and set up the below shot as well as helping during the whole night. 
Love this one- happiest girl in the crowd!

Hope all your wishes come true! Have a wonderful birthday!

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