pretty, plum & luxe

I recently received a gorgeous album that I created for a client and wanted to share a few pictures of it with you. I was beyond happy with the way it turned out, and seeing my client pour over each page while smiling from ear to ear just made it all the more special!

Here’s the bsquared 10×10″ Luxe album in plum leather with a custom monogram. Taking pictures of pictures never comes out that great, but you can see how gorgeous the whole album is with it’s deliciously thick pages, sturdy binding and panoramic layout (so there’s no breaks in the middle of the two pages, giving it a totally seamless presentation). If you’re thinking about ordering a luxe album from your session or event, I have samples in the office to share with you. I promise you will see why the luxe albums are luxe!!

I’ll be back after the weekend with a ton of new posts (after having a 5 session week this week, I’ll have plenty of new material to blog!) Happy Friday!

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