And the mystery illness is…

Fifth’s Disease! No, not lymphoma (well, at least not at this time anyway). The doctor called this morning with the test results. I am Parvovirus 15 positive. At least it explains everything- the enlarged lymph nodes, the low grade fever, the all over rash, the red cheeks, and now the very swollen and very arthritic joints (especially, hands, wrists, and knees). And as a bonus, I can expect to enjoy the arthritis aspect for another 3 or so weeks. Fabulous! So thank you to everyone who sent good (non-lymphoma) vibes my way. It worked! I can honestly say that the whole thing scared the crap out of me. And where I picked up Fifths from….NO IDEA.

I did far, far too much today so I am going to be paying for it tommorrow. Three shoots coming up this weekend, not including the one from today. Took Timmy to the park twice today- once this morning with his best buddy, Jack, and once this afternoon while the big boys had soccer practice. The two of them are already wise to my tricks to try to get them to look at the camera. So they just won’t look. Some shots from the first park trip:Img_4995sl Img_4994sl Img_5004sl Img_4998sl Img_5005sl Img_5003sl Img_5009sl Img_5010sl Img_5011sl Img_5016sl Img_5020sl Img_5024sl Img_5036sl

Then Timmy had Cats where HE played soccer:Img_5038sl Img_5049sl Img_5052sl

And so it begins…soccer season has officially (almost) started.Img_5064sl Img_5057sl Img_5065sl  Img_5054sl The first practice today with a lot of out of shape boys! A few of the kids from their team dropped out over the winter, so they should be getting more field time this season. The official start is in two weeks. Baseball too. We’re gonna be busy! There are at least some hints of green now- not everything is completely brown and grey anymore. Spring might actually come. I wish I had brought my telephoto lens for some pictures of the boys on the field. These were as good as I could get. And while the big boys practiced, Timmy and I hit the playground (again). Done with pictures yet?? No? Me neither!Img_5071sl Img_5073sl Img_5075sl Img_5080sl Img_5094sl Img_5099sl

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