andrea & matt get married

So for the first time ever, I second shot a wedding. And not just any wedding. My great photografriend Alan Abrams asked me to second shoot for him (and I am posting the photos I took with his permission). Alan never really uses second shooters so extra big thanks to him from bringing me on board!  The bride, affectionately known as “Miss Andrea” around here, was Timmy’s Occupational Therapist when he was 3 and 4 years old at Kidz Therapy in Garden City. So not only did I get to see “Miss Andrea” marry Matt, I got to work all day with Alan. Great all around! Second shooting was so fun (Kate, you were right!) as it takes so much pressure off and I got to be a bit more in the background and shooting angles much differently than I would have as a main shooter. Plus I got to do groom & groomsmen prep which was so fun!

You can see Alan’s images and his take on the day on his blog here: Alan Abrams Photography- Andrea & Matt with some of mine mixed in. I tried not to duplicate any of the pictures he posted on his blog (so definitely check them out. His work is amazing and I loooooove the posing he does with the wedding party so much!) but I had to throw in a few of the “bubbles” pictures I took cause I loved them so much.

Yes, they are laughing at me. I told them my wedding story (which all of my brides and grooms get to hear, but I save it up for the tense getting ready to get married stress of the day to break the ice a little.) But if you aren’t a bsquared bride or groom, I can’t tell you. It’s a really funny story…

Matt’s amazing grandparents. I snuck onto the bus to say hi and got to meet Andrea’s parents- nicest people! And they told me how they kinda love Timmy from the stories Andrea told them. How sweet!!Alan gave me the balcony of the church to cover. Woohoo!Told you I loved the Grandparents!I don’t know how much the chest of fans helped keep everyone cool, but they were definitely good for a laugh.Fabulous shoes, Miss Andrea. Do you even know how many shots I took trying to catch the ice sculpture drip!?Some of the Kidz Therapy ladies of awesomeness. Miss Sabrina (on the left) was Timmy’s PT. Symmetry. And the day would not be complete without a few embarrassing pictures of Alan. Sorry, you knew they were coming. Captain Morgan photographer on the left. And the George Costanza on the couch pose on the right. Shoulda posed him a little more….

MISS ANDREA - June 15, 2013 - 12:16 pm

Love them, Beth! Thank you so much being a part of our day!

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