summer baseball trip- Anaheim & San Diego

We left San Francisco early in the morning on the 6th to head down to Anaheim where we’d be staying at the Disneyland Hotel as our “home base” for the rest of the California portion of the trip. The original plan was to take the Pacific Coast Highway at least part of the way down, but being that they had an Angels game that evening to make there just wasn’t enough time no matter what we tried to figure out. As it was taking I5, it was about 6+ hours so there was no way we could’ve made it to Anaheim in time on the PCH. I was definitely sad about that part since I knew I would be able to get some great pictures and see stuff I would never see at home, plus I really wanted to visit Santa Cruz boardwalk which was the “santa clara” boardwalk in the movie Lost Boys. Oh well.

The drive down I5 was long and boring, but still kinda pretty in its own way.

Oranges. Jack was thrilled.We got an awesome room in the “fantasy” tower of the Disneyland Hotel. The headboard lit up and the lamp played “a dream is a wish your heart makes” when you turned it on. Ahhhhh….The boys took off for the Angels game and I hung out and did laundry. Got my New York on when people didn’t come to pick up their shit from the dryers. So I took it out. A lady told me it had been in there for a long time (it was dry and done) and that I shouldn’t feel guilty about taking it out to put mine in. I told her I was from NY. There is no guilt. The boys, John and Hakka sat in the “trout farm”. I am clueless but the hats were beyond. After the laundry was done, I met up with my good friend Derich from University of Miami days. Haven’t seen him in a really, really long time (probably about 20 years!) but we had a great time catching up for a few hours. The next morning (8/7) we left bright and early for San Diego so that the boys could catch their Padres game and I could go to the Hotel Del Coronado for a big fat massage and some pool/beach time. It kinda freaked me out a little how the clouds over the ocean looked like a giant tsunami. Come pray at the Church of Flash Gordon & Ming the Merciless. Heading over the bridge to the hotel. So pretty. (sorry about the glare off the car window).I had a 90 minute massage, including some hot stones. Then hung out by the spa-specific pool, grabbed some lunch a few feet away and walked around the hotel. Meanwhile, the boys were enjoying the game. I think I need a rack like this for their hat collection. They have to be over 300 hats by now.Don’t really know what to say about these.After leaving this very vacation part of the trip, we move onto tons of fun at Disneyland, a birthday and yet another baseball game. Coming up next…

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