sailing into fall (more like hurdling thru space out of control into fall)

So far everyone who has seen me in person this morning has asked if I’m okay. The only thing I can say about that is “it’s busy season!”. So yes, I’m fine but completely in over my head and so beyond tired. If you do see me in person over the next 3 months, just expect that I’m going to look exhausted, disheveled (more than normal), and  like that proverbial deer in the headlights. Glad our December Florida vacation is booked and I can just keep my eye on that, but just have to make it thru busy season first.

Editing like a psycho, doing a million shoots, processing client orders, packing orders, blogging, getting out the last of the welcome packets, bookkeeping, and working on some projects for later this year all at once. Plus, dealing with all the things that having two boys as freshmen in high school in NYC brings (in a brand new school that is extremely challenging) and a 3rd grader with an occasionally busy modeling career and my head is about to pop right the eff off. So, just be kind and lie and say I don’t look like death warmed over even when I do.

Tomorrow a real blog post is coming your way but today Timmy and I are off to Brooklyn for him to film a commercial. Ya know, in my free time.

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