“the making of” the beyrer family christmas card 2013

Since I’m blogging from vacation, I realized I don’t have the actual card or file with me but I do have all the pictures we used on the card plus a few more.

Last year we were supposed to do our christmas card shoot at Ducks Stadium, but Sandy hit and that was cancelled (along with everything else in life)so this year I “upgraded” to Citifield. You all know how much my family (other than me, of course) loves baseball, so I figured a baseball themed shoot & card was the way to go.

Booking a shoot at Citifield was quite expensive (but I figured I wasn’t paying for the photographer so it kinda evened out) and there was a completely RIDICULOUS number of rules as to where you could and couldn’t go. Mostly where you couldn’t go. We had what was basically a babysitter with us the whole time, to make sure we didn’t walk on a single blade of grass. Cmon. The season was so over by the time we did the shoot and its not like we were wearing cleats or like I was using a tripod. Couldn’t even go out to the pitchers mound. Seemed kinda like a ripoff to me.

Grandpa Jack’s brick. We were allowed in the dugout. Both home and visitors. But you couldn’t sit or stand on top of the dugout because it might ruin the sticker on the top. Really? This is an outdoor stadium with rain and snow that falls on the dugout, right? You could get close to the grass but not ON the grass. Silly. I know the boys are a little orange in this picture but the sun was reflecting off the warning track dirt and I couldn’t get rid of the whole color cast. We were hoping for a David Wright or Matt Harvey sighting but no such luck. We did meet Alex the announcer though. He does all the inside the park announcements. He was very nice.The press room was pretty cool.And the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. Thats pretty much it. So all in all, while cool it was definitely a little disappointing especially considering the price tag to shoot there. I would be much more understanding of the rules if it was during the season, but they would have had 6 months to remove our footprints from the grass.

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