the ricc family

A friend and frequent bsquared family for their holiday session- and their dogs who do not like me. At all.  The kids are on the fence about liking me. (sorry for the appalling lack of narrative- we got in at 3am last night from Florida and I’m still recovering from a very turbulent flight with the added bonus of vapid and loud idiots for the whole flight. I guess I should just feel lucky that we made it home at all. So many flights were cancelled all together out of Ft. Lauderdale on Jetblue and none (other than ours) made it out on time. Then I heard they closed Kennedy today anyway from ice-filled runways. So many people I know are stuck in their vacation locations until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest. Yikes.) So just look at the pretty pictures and enjoy them! You can see some of their past sessions here, here and here.


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