timmy & jack & james, oh my. {aka baseball, basketball & football}

Timmy is so lucky to have some awesomely good friends who both live pretty nearby. Over the break, we took a walk to Jack’s house and ended up walking back to our house with him. On the way back, we ran into James’ mom and she said he was free too so he walked back home with us too. They spent a few hours in the backyard (outside!!! freaking finally!!!) playing lots of baseball, basketball and football.

And James- he’s a trip this kid. He actually wanted me to take a few pix of him and to be on the blog. Ummmm…no one really ever asks me to take their pictures anymore around here, you know I jumped at the chance!!!

James’ sport is football. The kid is built kinda like a brick wall. One time Timmy was trying to take him down and was hanging off of him while James just kept walking like it wasn’t even happening. Hysterical!And he didn’t get tackled here either. On to a few innings of baseball.Then it was time to try to tackle James again.Just playing. No punches were thrown. And a nice black & white for his mom & dad.

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