the last of timmy’s (& friends) little league season

Since Timmy had his appendix out, i think these were the last few games he played in that I took pictures at.

And yes, the blog is now baseball 24-7. Thanks for asking. I promise next week some families, children and other stuff besides only baseball.

Sometimes the light is amazing, even at a baseball field.

He played catcher for a few innings one game. Love the tongue on the pic on the right.Timmy was catching while James was hitting. I’m still so surprised there are no pictures of them chit chatting while up there cause I know they did!!Possibly my favorite picture I’ve taken of this kid to date. Jack L. doing his pitching thing.Tommy N. pitching (and hitting).Best of friends but not my best photography work ever. Forgot to change my settings between baseball action pictures at a distance and a “portrait” upclose so Timmy’s all out of focus. But I love the feeling behind it so I couldn’t trash it. Great season, great kids, great coaches. Summer league up next for them- I’m pretty sure there will be more pictures. 

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