ben’s prom

Another great pre-prom party I got to photograph for one of my favorite bsquared families. Ben graduated and will be heading to University of Michigan in the fall, but had a fun prom night to take care of first. The pre-prom party was at our friends’ house so there were lots of familiar faces in the crowd. I don’t know how they all looked so phenomenal- it was about 150,000 degrees out (give or take), and how the guys in their tuxes weren’t dying.

Ben looked so handsome in his tux- a felt a rat pack vibe going on…

If Ben’s grandparents look familiar, its because Ben and Rachel are cousins, so they were in my last blog post too. Some faces in the crowd…Some of my favorites!Jumped in one shot w my friend Fran (who was hosting the party). Yeah, not the most flattering pic of me (I was a sweaty, frizzy, red mess) but whatever. Do you remember Tina from her prom last year?The reflection in the pool was my favorite. Hope you all had a wonderful prom night!



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