a trip to tampa

Luckily, we have friends that are good enough that I can basically invite ourselves to their house for a weekend visit. Which is pretty much exactly what happened. So happy to see my U of Miami friend Nate (friends for 27 years!), his fantastic wife Colleen and their gorgeous little girls at their new(ish) home in Tampa. We crashed at their house for a long weekend to sorta celebrate my birthday. Didn’t take the camera out much, but had to get a few shots for them. We had a great visit with lots of laughs, wine, range time, wine, food, wine, swimming, wine and the hot tub. And wine.

Never believed I would have lived to see the day that this would be happening.

A few instagram shots from the weekend. Visited our niece Rachel and Kristen at U of Tampa. Took the girls out to dinner. Nate took me to the range. Omg, so fun!! And he fixed my technique on the handgun so I was doing much better. Private Benjamin lives, reflected by an almost stroke I gave the poor guy talking about my plan to get a Tiffany blue Glock. Girls in the backseat of the Mustang convertible John rented for us.Those eyes. These are the sweetest girls I have ever met. Ever. Yes, Nate was ready to kill me. So basically nothing new to see here, move along. Miss you guys so much. We’ll be inviting ourselves back again soon…be ready.

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