“why would they give kids raisins?!?” halloween 2014

Sorry, but that was the best quote of the day from Timmy’s BFF Jack. Obviously, he was less than pleased with the “treat” selections at one house. Halloween was a great day (never-ending, but great) and we had lots of fun with friends trick or treating and at the annual parade at school. You can see yesterday’s Halloween scenes on the blog here if you’re so inclined.

Here are a TON of pix of my kid and all the kids I could catch yesterday. (he wasn’t sad, just trying to be tough to go with his costume).

James as Kane, Timmy & Chris as Ama’re.One of my most favorite teachers from school. My Chuck’s and my little friend Greyson’s chucks. Shoulda gotten a pic of us together besides our feet. There were a zillion and one Elsa’s, but this one is my favorite. And soooo pretty (she actually looks like Elsa!)This was not the raisin house. Candy break.Right before I broke into the bottle of much, much needed wine. 

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