the lasts of colorado {merry christmas}

Finally blogging the last pictures from our trip almost a year ago. Sad, but true. And these were going to be for our christmas card, but the boys ended up getting their braces off a few weeks after this trip so I was basically told not to use them. Oh, well- Merry Christmas!. Hoping for a christmas card for 2015. Shoemakers kids…

And a shout out to my photografriend Sara Garcia for the location in Denver. You should definitely check out her work, its amazing!!  Sara and I met at a workshop with the ever fabulous Zoe a few years ago and we were supposed to get together in her hometown of Denver when we were there visiting. Except she was like 15 months pregnant and due like any single second, so we decided it would be best if she didn’t deliver on the mountain top pictured below. Although scenic, probably not the best place to have a baby.

Pretty sure it was just a bb gun, but could you even imagine seeing this scene in the communist state of NY? A new friend by the side of the road. 

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