the turn @ arctica 8-31

Started and ended my month “off” with my favorite band. We needed some new pictures for promotional material that we’re working on. So into the city I went to snap some pictures and listen to some rockin music!


The show this night was particularly awesome…they played a bunch of new songs of theirs (which are all so great and I can’t wait to hear again- at my party!!) and some covers that I had never heard them play before that were SO good. The fact is that after I hear them play a cover of a song it’s a pretty safe bet that I like their version better than the original! Which makes it difficult to listen to it on my ipod thereafter.


Love this one:



There were a few technical difficulties throughout the evening, including 2 or 3 broken guitar strings and me running out of fresh batteries for the flash. Way to be prepared, huh? Big thanks to Ronan and Eric for the battery loans! And my favorite technical diffuculty? The kid in the shiny silver lame (pronounced lamay, but lame is true too) baseball hat. It reflected the crap out of my flash and I had quite a time cropping and cloning him out of the pictures!


Another for my collection. The collection is rather large at this point, but that will not stop me from taking more.


Pat and his girlfriend who I adored! We were finishing eachothers sentences within 10 minutes!


The Ripps men.


And my favorite of the night.


Two posters we recently made up. Go see them if you can. I promise you won’t be dissapointed!!


To see all of the shots from Arctica, please click HERE.

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