the turn @ whiskey bar (hoboken, nj)

Been so busy with client shoots for Christmas, haven’t had much time to shoot the band, or really do much else of anything in fact. But, they asked (nicely) if I could make some new posters for them and come and take some pictures at Whiskey Bar. And how could I say no?


Although two out of the three are already done, you still have a chance to catch The Turn for New Years Eve. I highly recommend it.

The show at Whiskey Bar in Hoboken was awesome, as always.



A few things worth mentioning:

-Hoboken was nicer than I had thought it would be.

-I can’t wait for the Turn to make it big so they can get some good lighting during shows. Brian was bright and spotlighted, the other boys were waaaay too dark. So irratating for me.

-My new favorite Turn song is “you can’t make me let go”. So totally awesome!

-On my way into the bar they wanted me to pay the cover. I actually got to say out loud “I’m with the band” and didn’t get charged. So cool.

-big thanks to Nelson for coming with me.

-they put Chris (the drummer) behind some weird glass ‘safety gate’ looking thing. So weird. I’m sure it has some kind of musical significance but it just gave me bad glare for my pictures.





During one of the songs, Brian came off the stage to play.








This shot just cracks me up. The girls just lurve Brian!




Thanks for a fun show (even though I forgot my earplugs and due to shooting right in front of the speakers I was a little deaf the next day or two). Can’t wait for the new songs to be available for my ipod- hurry that up for me, k?

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