mini books

My most favorite new product!! Adorable 3″x3″ accordian mini books featuring your favorite photos from your bsquared shoot (past shoots or current shoots) so you can show off your gorgeous family everywhere you go. Mini books are sturdy little things with a (hidden) magnetized cover and back that keeps it from flying open. They even come with a frosted sleeve to keep them safe in your purse. There are 6 panels in the front, and 4 in the back and we can arrange your photos however you’d like. The cover and back are thick and wrapped around with your photo and text.

Mini books come in sets of 3 (all 3 books will have the same design)- perfect for sharing with grandparents, godparents, or someone else special while still keeping one for yourself. The cost is $85 for the set of 3, plus tax.

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