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sophie’s 1st communion

I’ve been photographing them for a long time and was so happy to photography Sophie Belle’s first communion. It was a beautiful day for her actual communion and a great day following at the party at the Loft at Bridegeview. (such an awesome place- loved their remodel!) This whole family is always such a joy to photograph- they’re so happy and fun!! Loved the pink and gold glitter themed party- perfectly girly.




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caroline & maggie’s first communion

These gorgeous twin girls made their first communion recently and I was lucky enough to photograph them. I shot their older brother’s communion last year so it was great to see them all again and see how much the littler ones have grown! The girls were super and cute and my favorite part was that even though they changed out of their beautiful communion dresses, they left their veils on for gaga ball! Hope to see you all again for the next communion in a few years!


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jack & patrick’s prom

So even my own family has to wait for me to get around to editing their pictures! A few weeks ago Jack & Patrick had their Regis senior prom. We had a little pre-prom here for the boys & their friend Pierce and their dates and families. (the whole NYC school thing throws many wrenches into everything!) but I was happy that I could take a few pictures before they went into the city for the party. For those of you who still can’t tell, Patrick is in the bowtie and Jack is in the regular tie and vest. Both their girlfriends (Katie/Patrick Claire/Jack) looked beautiful, as did Pierce’s date Elizabeth.

Honestly, I can’t believe we’re “here”. Prom, graduation, college. Oy vey.

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olivia’s 1st communion

A brand new to bsquared family who came to me thru a bunch of their fellow classmates also receiving communion on the same day. (it was a very busy communion day!). Once I figured out how to get miss O to laugh, we were all set. She’s beautiful and modely and sweet. I was so glad I got to meet and photograph them all. And just look at the little guy! So much personality packed in there!!


KATHY SCHWARTING - May 22, 2017 - 2:38 pm

What a beautiful young lady and family! You can feel the love between Olivia and her adorable brother. God Bless you Olivia!

ANONYMOUS - May 22, 2017 - 7:16 pm

Beautiful you missed out but that’s alright there is a lots more to come in future God’s willing

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keely’s 1st communion

My first time ever photographing this family who we’ve been friends with for SO long. I’m so glad they asked me to do some pictures for them! We did a little pre-communion session with the whole extended family at st. agnes on a really chilly day (keely was a HUGE trouper!) and then I met them for their carnival themed party at their restaurant (EAT Gastropub in Oceanside) so I got to spend a bunch of time with them all. There are a few pictures below where I could see Keely’s fun, huge personality popping thru even with the dress and the cold! Her whole entire family loves her SO much and it was so great to see them all around her for her special day!




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